Clean, Safe, Renewable Energy

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How Do We Achieve Grid Parity?


  • Our Systems are interconnected and managed remotely. We can optimize power output, monitoring every panel, windmill, or storage system in real time


  • We maintain and keep the systems in peak performance at all times. Our business is generating power. We upgrade technology when required


  • We market the flow of  power from export to import in real time

How Does Our Technology Work?


  • 360 Watt monocrystalline 72 cell panel c/w digital optimizer (18.5% efficiency)
  • Racking for the Canadian climate (wind up to 216kms/hr, snow load up to 1.2KN/m2)
  • SolarEdge 99% efficient inverters. CSA 22.2 compliant. Rapid shut down both AC & DC
  • All string arrays plug directly to the NE1000 controller box (MC-4 connection)


  • Carbon Fiber 8-12 blade wind turbines c/w digital optimizer (start speed of 10kms/hr)
  • They plug directly into the NE1000CB (MC-4 connection) working alongside the Solar Arrays


  • We build and market a digitally controlled storage system
  • Plugging directly into the NE1000 controller box, it can be added at any time (MC-4 connection)
  • The storage system acts like a solar panel, except the controller tells it when to turn on or off

How is the System Monitored?


  • During commissioning we log into the portal with your inverter(s) serial number(s)
  • It immediately connects to the inverter which uploads the serial number of each optimizer
  • We can now view every panel, wind turbine, or storage device in the system
  • We can see exactly the amount of power the system is producing. This includes:
    • kVA
    • kW
    • kWh
    • Amps
    • VAC
    • VAD


  • The systems are fully automatic, they export power when producing too much and import  power as required
  • For power leasing or power programs, we install utility grade revenue meter inside the inverter(s)