Services We Provide In The USA 

Caliber Control Systems is a full scope electrical, instrumentation, automation and solar services provider for industrial settings with a division dedicated to the United States based out of Odessa, Texas. Our primary location is based in Alberta, Canada, which experiences cold snaps and record setting cold temperatures annually. We have the experience to provide specialized services and resources in relation to the extreme cold climate that the United States has recently experienced.

Caliber Control Systems has the ability to audit your well site’s, facilities, and pump stations as well as give preventative maintenance reports and recommendations. Our team of Operation/Production Specialists can assist in providing solutions to keep essential water & gas services going when faced with extreme temperature fluctuations. Our services include: 

Electrical and Instrumentation

Our team of experts are able to provide guidance on overall equipment effectiveness, troubleshooting, compressor control panel services, PM planning and scheduling that minimizes downtime and much more! Ensuring that your facilities and wellsites are operating efficiently and reliably, no matter the weather fluctuations. 


We provide full service, vendor neutral project and maintenance solutions from front end engineering and design through to commissioning. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the energy and manufacturing sectors, and is able to provide troubleshooting services and solutions. Caliber Control Systems has the experience to migrate obsolete and / or  unsupported platforms, provide risk management & cost control procedures, and minimize downtime. 

Our team and the equipment we use are reliable when it matters… Over the past week, all Canadian provinces experienced a cold snap, with some provinces seeing temperatures dip as low as -40 degrees celsius. Field personnel know that when the temperature drops, equipment stress rises. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case for the fleet of Caliber’s trucks and equipment. They all remained operational, without a single failure despite some regions experiencing record low temperatures. It’s crucial to have reliable technicians and equipment willing to brave the cold, and get our customers up and running. We answer the phone when it matters. 

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